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Wood Frame Construction

DIY Build Classes

We are offering DIY Classes for anyone, and any skill level interested in learning the tools, skills and techniques needed to build their own Tiny Home. 

What You'll Learn to do !

Tools & Materials

We will go over all the tools, equipment and materials you will need to build your Tiny House from start to finish. We will also teach you how to safely and confidently use all of them!


This is where the rubber meets the road, or rather hammer meets nail! We will go over best framing practices and techniques. How to layout framing and what building code requirements there are. Then we will get you out actually frame some walls together, and see it from start to finish. 


We will go through the entire plumbing process. From planning and layout to cutting, gluing and crimping. You'll leave knowing how the plumbing system works, how to make it and how to fix it. 

Interior Finishing*

Where it all comes together! This section, you'll get to learn drywall, finish carpentry, painting, caulking, fixture installation and many other odds and ends of the finish out process. 

Codes & Regulations 

This will be a cursory review of relevant rule, regulations and build codes to get you familiar with them, It will cover all of the necessary topics related to building your own tiny house. 


In this section we will cover the wide array of weather-in options and reasons to use them. From the house wrap, sealants, and flashing to roofing and siding, This will give you the knowledge and experience to confidently select and install the right products for your build. 


Don't be scared, it's way simpler than you think. During this course you will learn the fundamentals of residential electrical. Covering how to plan and layout your wiring diagrams, run all your wires, wire up the breaker box and install outlets, switches and lights. 

Planning & Design*

Every great project starts at the drawing board. We pride ourselves in taking the extra time and effort to plan every build and layout to maximize the space functionality and livability. We will show you some of our best practices and rules of thumb so you can build the Tiny of your Dreams! 

* These are only included in the 5 day Extended Class


Your Build Teacher 

Sherree Colindres, CEO/Architect/Designer

Pulling from years of building experience and building Tiny Homes for the last 7 years she has wealth of knowledge to share. She is very passionate about Tiny Homes and has a desire to share it with others!  

Class Offerings

Building Homes

2 Day Condensed Class

Group Class - 2 Day


Building a Table

3 Day Standard Class

Group Class - 3 Day


Building Homes_edited.jpg

5 Day Extended Class

Group Class - 5 Day


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