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What your parking spot needs

When considering a potential parking spot, you need to think about the following:


  1. Can the road approaching your site accommodate a tractor trailer driving up its grade and turning into the property where the home will be parked?

  2. Does the approach, or driveway leading to your parking spot allow for 12′ wide and 14′ high clearance from any obstructions or branches?

  3. Can a tractor trailer turn around in order to drop your house onto its parking pad? Do you have access to a forklift or other machinery that you can use to safely maneuver the home onto the parking pad?


  1. Does the site have a 50amp or 220 outlet available or able to be run within 100 feet of the parking site

  2. Does the site have some kind of spigot hookup for a heated potable water hose within 100 feet of the parking site?

  3. Does the site have some kind of septic system cleanout pipe or access within 50 feet of the parking site?


  1. Will the site or your situation better accommodate a ground mount or roof mount solar setup? Will you have to maximize your solar gain by moving the entire house, or just with the panels on the ground? How will you maintain the solar panels in the event of snow, ash, etc. ?

  2. How will you get water to your water tanks? Delivery, or occasional top off with a potable hose?

  3. How will you safely dispose of your compost solids from your composting toilet? How will you deal with the gray water coming from your house?

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