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Winter in a Tiny House

There’s really nothing more cozy than being tucked in a small, warmly lit space while the snow flies out the window. Before you commit to a winter in your tiny house, here are some considerations to be prepared – the word of the day is insulation!

1. Insulate your propane tank from the cold weather. You can purchase propane tank blankets, which can avoid hundreds of dollars of damages from frozen propane pipes or propane heated water tanks. 2. Insulating your windows can go a long way to keep your space cozy. Upgrading to triple paned windows can be a good investment if you plan to live in a cold climate and want natural light year round. Solar shades or other insulating blinds can be a good alternative. 3. Skirting under your trailer – it’s important to provide a barrier from the cold air blowing under your house during winter. This can be anything! Wood scraps, banner material, hay bales, nylon, hard foam. 4. If you have holding tanks, make sure those are protected and insulated against freezing as well. And if you’re running water to an outside source, make sure you’re using a heated hose or that the hoses are well-insulated with electricity heated tape. 5. Your trailer tires – measures must be taken to prevent dry-rot from weather exposure. Cover them in weather-resistant material and be sure they are elevated off of the dirt and grass. 6. A backup generator is never a bad idea!

Winterizing every year is an important step to maintaining the health and longevity of your tiny house, and your bank account! 

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