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Why go Tiny?

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Tiny home living has been growing rapidly, and for good reason. Here’s a few reasons we think tiny homes are a great way to go:

  1. Priorities: Living tiny allows you to focus on the things that matter. Minimalism is a word you may hear a lot these days, but here’s what it means to us: Minimalism is a mindset that encourages you to name your priorities and to be intentional with them. You’ve always wanted to learn how to play that guitar that’s been sitting in the closet for years, but it just hasn’t happened yet. Maybe it’s time you stop feeling guilty about it – and recognize that your small library of books is what always calls to you when you have downtime. Pass the guitar along to someone that will find joy in it, and bring your books with you! Minimalism can help you make room for what’s most important to you – mentally and physically.

  2. Finances: Tiny homes are a lower upfront cost (68% of tiny home owners do NOT have a mortgage to pay every month). Utility and maintenance costs are much lower as well. Tiny homes are energy efficient, small spaces to keep warm. And you don’t have to worry about 30,000 dollar roofing projects or 5,000 dollar boiler replacements.

  3. Flexible and mobile lifestyle: Do you want year round summer, or maybe year round winter? Do you travel for work or for play too often to justify a large house or monthly rent? Maybe you want a place for family to be able to come stay, or to start a business hosting guests. Tiny houses allow you to do any or all of these things without worry.

  4. Community! Once you go tiny, you’ll be a part of a huge community of people who have made the same choice. From meet-ups, to Facebook groups, to tiny house villages, there are endless resources and endless support.

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